Time of Swing Dance and Music at the Lincoln Center

Margaret teaches swing
Source: DanceMB.com

This week’s event is not a music concert, not a dance event, nor is it an art exhibition. It is rather a combination of all three. The Lincoln Center will be hosting next Saturday July 14th Harlem Renaissance Orchestra: Tribute to Illinois Jacquet, under the umbrella of Lincoln Center Midsummer Night Swing series.

Midsummer Night Swing @ Damrosch Park

The event will start at 6:00 pm by Swing Dance lessons by Margaret Batiuchok who is one of the most popular figures of the swing dance. She is the co-founder the New York Swing Dance Society (NYSDS) in 1985, at a time in which  the dance was not much popular and there was no organized Swing  dancing in New York. The NYSDS became then the heart of the swing dance where dancers from all ages, races, and levels of dance gathered weekly to learn and share their passion. Margret is also one of the founders of the Lincoln Center Midsummer Night Swing series since 2005. Each year, she teaches, performs, and recommends bands for the event.

The dance lessons will be followed by the a live performance of the Harlem Renaissance Orchestra. According to the Jazz at the Lincoln Center (www.jalc.com): “For over 25 years, the Harlem Renaissance Orchestra has continued to feed the fire of the Big Band Era. Keeping alive the tradition of their mentor, the late, great tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet, they close out the season with their crowd-pleasing night of hard-swinging Big Band classics.”

Harlem Renaissance Orchestra
Source: Thirteen.org

The Big Band Era being a type of musical assemble era in which artists gathered to perform Swing music at a time in which the Swing music was not yet identified as independent and different from the Jazz music and was looked up upon in curious and sarcastic ways, before the music style truly flourishes.

Named after the location of birth of the orchestra members (Harlem in NYC) and with an aim to preserve the Swing Music, Harlem Renaissance Orchestra has performed in the most prestigious Jazz venues in New York and on the national level, with an aim to give recognition to leading figures of the Swing Music such as  Louie Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lucky Millinder,  Lionel Hampton and many others, while keeping the same spirit of the Big Band Era.

Time: The event will be held at 6:00 to 10:00 pm

Location: The Damrosch Park (Located at the southwest corner of the Lincoln Center Plaza, at 62nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues)

Price: $17


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