Matthew Silver: The Great Performer! Is He Really…What Other Story is He Telling?

Mathew the Great Performer WSP

Matthew the Great Performer WSP

The first time I run into, or literally run away, from Matthew the Great Performer was few weeks back in Washington Square Park….I saw him jumping on and off chairs, which he called stage, and I thought what the “hec”? how dare you call yourself the great performer!!!

Second time, I ran into him was at Union Square, he was surrounded by a crowed of curious, in which he was pretending to be some sort of dancer, I still cannot not figure it out; he was inviting/ forcing people to dance with him.

The Third and last time before I got really intrigued by his character, was on a a Sunday, on a get away from the city with few friends to Governor’s Island; and it ended up not being a real get away cos the great performer was there AGAIN!!! This time pretending to be a chicken, and was making all sorts of noise.

I tried to figure out what he is trying to accomplish through his “pseudo-plays”.  I was  not sure whether he was trying to convey a message, which in my mind, I could not get it anyways. I moved from the thought that he is crazy, to homeless in need of money, to somebody desperately in need of attention. The looks of people around me and their laughter confused me even more  because while some shared my feeling of “what is this guy doing?”, others seemed to be embraced by his performance. So I  looked more into it and for the curious ones like me, here is what I found.

His name is Matthew Silver and don’t be surprised: He has his own blog. I don’t think he is homeless or clueless. At least I don’t think so, or not as much as he looks like … he has a philosophy that when I read it, I respected it and actually enjoyed reading it, and I hope you will enjoy it too!!!

Matthew the great performer in LES

Matthew the great performer in LES

“My role as a clown, trickster and village idiot is to parody excessive seriousness by playing with taboos, rules, and social norms.  My inspiration comes from my heart.  I perform for smiles and laughter, loosening people’s armor, and opening up a portal for imagination, creativity and love.

Some people see me as a raving lunatic, pompous “artistic” hipster, or attention-starved 9 year-old, but people don’t consciously understand the role of a clown in society. Read between the lines and you will start to see things from a different perspective.  By breaking down boundaries, I provide you, the viewer, with permission to open your mind and realize it’s okay to act silly from time to time. We may trick ourselves into believing we know everything, constantly striving for perfection in a society that requires a civilized, job-holding, serious individual.  We cannot be perfect.  If we allow ourselves the chance to be flawed perhaps we can let the obstacles humble us, rather than make us rigid.  In the end we can let our guards down to attain our most basic need of giving and receiving love.” by Mathew the Great Performer 😉

Matthew the great performer at Union square

Matthew the great performer at Union square

Silly or not sill; funny or not funny, this guy got the attention of people that many others would die for, but they don’t get it. Bloggers do write about him and call him all sorts of names (see above), but they show interest by trying to understand the phenomenon behind the “great performer”.

So the clown will still be going around the city with more episodes and different themes, but as I am sure that next time that I would watch him, whether I would actually stop or not, I so with less sarcasm and do my best to understand what he has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Matthew Silver: The Great Performer! Is He Really…What Other Story is He Telling?

  1. Matthew Silver: The Great Performer is about the only title that actually fits this guy. I recall one performance at which he went from person to person insisting and repeating “No, you are not all right, and yes you must go on.” I found great comfort in that.

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  3. That is a great insight and I bet he’s got a message. I sometimes feel repelled by his attitude, but as I wrote there, I would still give it a chance and see what story he’ll be telling!

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